Aged Care Consultancy Services

AgeWorks provides a range of aged care consulting and advisory services that focus on remediation of immediate issues and managing risks, building organisational change resilience, innovating and preparing for ongoing success.

Services by experienced nursing home management consultants

Our services have been developed by working closely with nursing homes and other aged care organisations through challenging situations and long periods of industry change. Services include:

  • Aged care standards and non-compliance
  • Aged care accreditation risk assessment
  • Changing culture in aged care organisations
  • Clinical governance for aged care boards
  • Developing a more consumer driven service
  • Aged care sanctions assistance

Our Approach

The consulting approach that AgeWorks takes starts with seeking to understand and clarify the core problem. In the case of non-compliance with aged care standards there will be defined issues, which can often be symptoms of a deeper fundamental issue.

We work with you to overcome both the immediate challenges and secure a long-term approach to leadership and organisational transformation. Changes to operations often require training and workforce development and a structured approach to change management.

AgeWorks has a comprehensive set of tools and resources to simplify aged care, involve team members and embed behavioural change.