Aged Care Management Resources and Tools

Free resources and tools for aged care leaders, managers and consumers

Aged care management and board governance require an evolving set of skills and resources. There are many tasks that need to be performed and managed internally to ensure efficient delivery of a great aged care service. From an operational management perspective, factors such as risk management, continuous improvement, organisational culture and employee engagement underpin this service delivery.

Knowing your strengths and doing what you do best delivers competitive advantage. This is vital for surviving and thriving in the current economic and regulatory aged care environment. Training staff and keeping on top of changes is part of managing and developing the modern aged care workforce. It makes sense to look at best practice and utilise existing resources and tools to do this.

Resources and Tools

AgeWorks has a set of resources and tools to help with business health checks, and to understand where compliance issues and competitive market forces may affect your organisation. The following is a summary of these resources and how they help.

AgeWorks provides some FREE tools to help ground you and start your improvements. Click here to receive a free tool, by contacting AgeWorks and indicate which tools you would like and we will email them to you.

Organisational Health Check Self-Audit Tool – For Aged Care Operations Leaders

  • The Health Check Self-Audit Tool is for checking foundational compliance and risk assessment.
  • Where are you right now? Are you seeing things clearly? What don’t you see?
  • It’s been said that the first job of a leader is to define reality. In light of the Royal Commission findings, it’s more urgent than ever to be able to read your vital signs and perform your own health check.
  • This free tool helps early diagnosis and gives clarity on what improvements you can do and where you will need expert help.

5 Signs of a Toxic Aged Care Workplace and What to Do – Aged Care Organisational Culture for Leaders and CEOs

  • 5 Signs of a Toxic Workplace and What to Do. What does your culture say about who you are as an organisation?
  • What’s your culture really like? Culture can be difficult to put your finger on if you don’t know what you’re looking at. It’s not so much what people say, it’s what they do that counts.
  • Culture impacts how Consumers experience your service. Here are 5 key areas to check and key steps to address any gaps.

Achieving Clinical Governance Board Checklist – Aged Care Clinical Governance for Boards

  • Achieving Clinical Governance Board Checklist. Boards are often out of the loop when it comes to clinical governance. In their strategic role they need to elevate their thinking, but in today’s high-risk world of aged care, they also need to keep their ear to the ground.
  • This easy checklist will help Boards zoom in to achieve clinical governance.

Finding the Right Home for You Checklist – For Aged Care Consumers

  • Finding the Right Home for You Checklist is for consumers looking for quality and value in a suitable aged care nursing home.
  • Choosing a home that’s right for you can be stressful and tiring. It’s easy to become confused and influenced by a home’s physical presentation alone.
  • A nice-looking, comfortable building is important but developing insight about the culture and quality of the people working inside the building is the real key.


AgeWorks facilitates workshops to help you to overcome blocks. Maybe you’ve diagnosed a problem, but you don’t quite know if it’s the real problem or what to do about it. Not everyone seems to be on the same page – and you need them to be. Maybe there’s overwhelm and people feel stuck. In this situation it’s wise to engage an experienced facilitator who is objective, able to raise difficult issues, navigate change to keep you on track.

  • Our workshops give you greater clarity about the right direction and how to get there.
  • We facilitate half, one or two-day workshops tailored to your needs. In unprecedented times of change, it’s vital to identify how you add value and make the shift.
  • In these challenging times an organisation’s size is less important, it’s more about how quickly you can adapt and change. We’ll help you to build momentum, know the next right step.

Our workshops are available for Boards, CEOs, executives and operational teams, and a combination of these groups, to ensure teamwork within an aligned organisation on a shared mission.

WORKSHOP: Compliance Assistance

  • Designed for managers and operational teams. We run a short workshop following your gap analysis to help you prepare for accreditation.  
  • We also run short workshops following our risk assessment report. This helps individuals and teams better understand clinical and other risk that adversely impacts Consumers or accreditation compliance. This is a key process to support follow up via an agreed and prioritised plan.

WORKSHOP: Culture 2.0 Leveraging Talent and Developing Resilient Teams

  • Designed for executive teams and all team leaders. This workshop builds on our Talent Dynamics profiling. Leadership comes with better insight into self and others.
  • In low trust environments, productivity is poor, costs are high, and resilience is weak. In high trust environments, teams can form to create synergy. This enables improved value to clients, greater productivity, cost effectiveness and ultimately improved resilience in individuals, teams and the overall organisation.
  • This two-day workshop is about growing trust, flow and high performance in teams and business.

WORKSHOP: Clinical Governance and Risk Assessment for Boards, CEOs and Leadership Teams

  • Designed for organisational leaders: Boards, CEOs AND Operational Leaders. Developing a shared vision, commitment and alignment across the organisation is key to implementing your strategy.  
  • This is an ideal workshop to follow our comprehensive Risk Assessment Report. It enhances understanding of your clinical governance framework and its achieving good clinical governance.


WEBINAR: Understanding Psychiatric Medications and chemical restraint. 

  • Designed for Consumers and family with medical power of attorney or guardianship. The high use of chemical restraint has been highlighted by the Aged Care Royal Commission as a major problem causing harm in Elders.
  • The webinar unpacks this very technical area providing clarity and essential knowledge about what these psychiatric medications are for, what they do and common side (unwanted) effects.
  • It paves the way for better partnering with your doctor and aged care service to minimise or eliminate unnecessary chemical restraint. 

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